Focused on Oracle WCS (formerly Fatwire) site development

Having worked with the product since 1999, our experience is among the most extensive available on the market today. Our strong Java and Scala development skills allow us to perform complex integrations in enterprise environments

Full Sites Development

WebCenter Sites is not easy. WebCenter Sites requires in-depth knowledge, extensive experience, proven methodology and clear ideas of the architecture that should be developed and deployed by best of breed partners. Managing a WebCenter Sites project is not for the faint of heart. When WebCenter Sites is chosen because it is the best solution for your Company, you must select a partner who understands what the benefits it offers, as well as the pitfalls that are far to easy to fall in.

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Make Agile your Sites Project

Traditionally, people build a WebCenter Sites application using a waterfall approach. And that's wrong. Thanks to AgileSites, the framework developed by, we adopt Test Driven Development, Versioning, Scrum, Continuous Integration and many other Agile best practices

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AgileSites Framework

AgileSites is the result of years of experience in WebCenter Sites plus a strong competence in Framework design. After more then two years of development, we have found the right trade-off between power and simplicity. And we distribute it under the Apache 2.0 Open source licence, for the benefit of every WebCenter Sites customer

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Agile4AGT is the solution for ATG users that want to leverage the power of WebCenter Sites to enrich the contents of their application. Using a state-of-the-art technology, with Sites4Atg you can build a bridge between WebCenter Sites and ATG, creating a seamless environment. With Agile4ATG your products and your contents work really well together

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our management

Michele Sciabarrà Fatwire/Scala Software Architect
Alessandro Mongelli Senior Architect and Consultant
Mirella Di Girolamo Senior Fatwire/CMS Developer
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AgileSites in Action

With AgileSites you can completely change the way you develop your Sites application:

  • work on standard html templates, and not on JSP pages
  • use only four basic commands; AgileSites is easy to learn and gives you a fast productivity
  • build your test first; with AgileSites you can use the Test Driven Development approach in WebCenter Sites
  • version your code using Git or Subversion; with AgileSites you can coordinate a big development group easily and effectively
  • verify your builds with a standard continuous integration tool; no regression, no cry

AgilSites speeds up the development of an Oracle WebCenter Sites application, and makes it fun too!

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