FatStart v0.2

Click here FatStart v0.2 on GitHub.

FatStart is an Eclipse Project Template for developing FatWire DISTRIBUTABLE websites.


Basically this kit allows you to create a Fatwire in an unmodified eclipse (just using the standard Web Tools to edit JSP) and the JumpStart, store the source code including the required assets in a standard version system, then deploy in a production server simply checking it out and installing.


Please note: this is alpha quality software! Do not expect to be as mature and stable as ContentServerExplorer. Nonetheless, I am using this template to develop FatPhone and other Fatwire sites.

Also, not all the required features to create a fatwire site are available, so there is a number of actions must still be performed manually (like creata a site or a flex family) when deploying a web site.


  • sites are easily distributable and can be even published in public open source repositories like GitHub
  • sites can be version controlled using Git, Subversion and so on,
  • you can install the developed site in any fatwire installation withouth having to configure publishing to do so.
  • you can develop using Eclipse and the JumpStart only (no special plugins nor complex procedures),
  • you do not need ContentServerExplorer (hurrah!) so you can even use a Mac or Linux machine to develop (as I do).
  • incremental deployment: if you update the site, you can update any deployment just updating the source and reinstalling it.


Deployment Mode

When you are ready to deploy the site and you want to install it, you have to

  • Create a site, assign users and roles and create flex families
  • Checkout the /res folder as toplevel folder in your website (for example in /ROOT if you have only tomcat or in the Apache document root if you have an Apache front end)
  • Call http://yoursite/res/install.html to install the web site. The installer, written in Javascript, will create assets and templates.
  • Now you can work on, creating the siteplan and adding further content.

Development Mode with JumpStart

Development configuration is a bit tricky since I cannot distribuite all the required files

  • install eclipse (I used Eclipse 3.5 with Web Development Tools on a Mac with Snow Leopard)
  • install a FatWire JumpStart Kit (I used JSK 7.5.2)
  • import the project in eclipse
  • copy JUMPSTART_HOME/App_Server/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/cs/WEB-INF/futuretense_cs under res/WEB-INF/ in your project (step required to have the JSP completion work)
  • create in eclipse an User Library called CS_WEBAPP containing all the jars under App_Server/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/webapps/cs/WEB-INF/lib.
  • Locate in App_Server/apache-tomcat-6.0.18/conf/server.xml the line reading


and add BEFORE it the following:


(replace FATSTART_HOME with the actual path of the FatStart project on your disk)

  • launch Jumps Start, call http://localhost:8080/res/install.html and install the site

Development Cycle

Now you can do your development work.

  • Create assets in json format and jsp directly from Eclipse - refer to existing assets for examples
  • Deploy changes in the jump start calling http://localhost:8080/res/install.html

You can redeploy everything or all just only the changed elements.

Note that the system is supposed to be incremental, so you can update assets and templates just reinstalling them.